Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Workout anyone?

SO, in the spirit of "The Katie Project" I joined a gym! I found a great place that has child care and for the past 2 months I have been pretty faithful about going. I have tried various classes... Spin, Body Combat, Yoga, Pilate's, and even Body Jam! (a funk dance class that I am seriously no good at but it is so fun!) I have enjoyed it all but the best thing I have done so far are my Monday, hour long torture sessions with my friend, Elizabeth Mullins! She is that friend you have that is tall, beautiful, has a killer body, and eats so healthy it makes me want to puke! :) (Oh, and did I mention this freak of nature has THREE beautiful children!) So, about six weeks ago she roped me into a free training session and if I liked it I could come back for more! Little did I know her plan was to get progressively harder with each session!! She has had me doing a million squats, sit-ups, lunges, bicep curls, tricep curls, and balancing on things! (which is suppose to strengthen my core... if only I knew what that was!) But the best thing about working out with Elizabeth are the things she has you do you either thought you were not capable of (ex. climbing ropes in the gym) or the positions she puts you in that are less than flattering! (pretty sure at this point the entire gym has seen my crotch up close and personal) :) And ladies, just know that if you sign up for one of her training sessions you will spend the rest of the week walking like a bow-legged cowboy and wincing every time you sit or stand! However, through all of that, I have found myself signing up for yet another 6 weeks! I guess I am a glutton for punishment... but secretly I just want to be able to bounce a quarter of my booty and look good doing it! I feel sure Elizabeth is the lady to get me there! :) Thanks Elizabeth for your help in my process of taking back my body! Love ya girl!
Me on the gym floor at the end of a workout session!