Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Meat cupcakes, Apple Pie, and Chicken Pot Pie... sounds gross when you say them all together!

Ok, this first picture is of dinner the other night. A friend of mine from college just told me about these BBQ Cups (aka "Meat Cupcakes") and I was totally grossed out! The name was a real turn off for me... but I went ahead and tried them out and they were a hit! The recipe made about 10 little cups and Charles ate 5! They were super tasty and oh so easy! Thanks Megan for sending me the link on Annalee's blog and encouraging me to try this dish! :) So here is the recipe:


This next picture is this WONDERFUL apple pie that I made today. My friend Michelle Young made this pie the other day and raved about it so I decided to do the same. Let me tell all of you out there it is soooo good! The recipe came off of (go to desserts and click on Scrumptious Apple Pie to see the recipe) Anyway, I made the pie this morning and told Charles it was for after dinner... when I got home from working out this is what I found! (at least he liked it... he suggested we leave a few forks in it so we could have a "bite" whenever) :)

This next food photo is of dinner tonight. I was on a pie kick and made Chicken Pot Pie. (My mom's recipe ) I wanted it to have a special touch so this is what I came up with! Charles could have cared less... he just wanted more pie! :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

To the zoo we go!

Today was beautiful! It has been raining here this past week leaving everything green and the air a perfect temperature. Charles was off today so we decided to go to the zoo with Emma. It was her first time to see the lions, and tigers and bears (oh my!). My personal favorite every time I go is the Ape exhibit. They have the best personalities and are so fun to watch! Emma seemed to love it and by the end of this little adventure was pooped. We got a new camera recently so Charles had fun playing photographer and taking some shots of the animals. Good job honey!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Emma's First Haircut

I went to the salon today to get my grey hairs erased and while we were there Emma received her first trim! She had hair growing down her ears and I thought it was time. Her hair is the prettiest shade of golden brown and she has these reddish/ gold highlights that I love! She was such a good girl in the chair and yes I did kept a lock of hair for her baby book! :) Thanks Brooklyn for making it such a great experience for her!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Find

When Emma was born I only wanted the best for her. The best clothing, the best toys, the best, mattress, the best formula, etc. It didn't take me long to realize how silly that line of thinking was and is... She throws up or poops on everything I put on her body, she would rather eat paper than play with her jumparoo, and she can sleep standing up or laying on the floor. (As for the formula and food, I will continue to buy the best we can afford!:) SO, that leaves us at diapers. I started out only using Pampers. They are the Cadillac of diapers. They are soft, super absorbent, have those great Velcro tabs and of course cost the most. At about 3 months I moved to Huggies. They are next in the line of diaper royalty. Not quite as soft, just ok on the absorbent scale and also have the great tabs. At 6 months I moved onto Luvs. They are the low man in the food chain of name brand diapers but at this point I don't care! As long as they hold in all the junk we are good! Last night I went to Sam's to buy some things and decided to pick up a box of Member's Mark diapers. Now before you gasp, let me tell you why. Luv's have been letting me down and we have had a few accidents the past few days. When I started comparing price and amount I saw that the Member's Mark box contained 10 more diapers than Huggies (15 more than Pampers) and cost eight dollars less! Emma put them to the test last night with two dirty diapers and they held up like a champ! I love them! They are soft, thin, have the Velcro tab I like and hold all her messes in the diaper where they belong!! I wanted to share this good news with all of you! Your baby doesn't know the difference and they work beautifully!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Julie & Julia and "The Katie Project"

Charles took Emma this afternoon so I could go to a movie and I am so happy he did because I LOVED it!! Julie and Julia was so sweet, charming and makes me want to be a more positive and happy person like Julia Child was in this movie! It also made me reflect on my way home...
Since having Emma I have thrown myself 100% into being a full time mom. I even quit my job with TIGI to stay home with her so I could be with her day and night teaching her things, reading her stories, taking her for walks, feeding her, giving her squishy little body baths, and tucking her into bed each night. It has been a joy and something I will never regret doing. It is a thankless job however, one that doesn't come with raises, bonuses, or pats on the back from your boss but sloppy kisses and giggles from your sweet baby. No longer do I need to buy high heels and cute dresses because Emma doesn't care what I look like as long as I am playing in the floor with her and making funny faces. If I am being completely honest though I have my moments (OK, lots of moments) when I feel like I am doing a terrible job and dare I say it... even regret quitting my job. Most days I feel so overwhelmed with the feedings, the cleaning, the cooking and the kid babble that I could go crazy from it all! I feel guilty for writing this because all I have ever wanted in life was to have a family and raise my babies. What is wrong with me?
I know it seems random for me to be having all of these thoughts after watching a movie that has nothing to do with mommy guilt or raising a family but it did show me a glimpse into a woman's life who was positive and a go-getter. She didn't cry often or waste much time feeling sorry for herself but tried to make the best out of everything life offered. SO, with that sentiment, I want to be better! (let's call it the "Katie Project") First, and the top of the list, I want a stronger relationship with Christ. My biggest fear is that I will fail miserably in teaching my child (and future children) what having a relationship with Christ is all about and why it is so important. I don't care if my children are attractive or are the most popular. I don't care what career path they take in life but I do want them to have good hearts, love God above all others and through their actions bring others to his kingdom. I realize the best way to do this is be that kind of example. Charles and I have to step up to the plate and be that for our children or I fear what will happen... Second, I want to lose weight and feel more confident in my skin. Having Emma was a beautiful moment but what it has done to my body... not so beautiful. My goal is to be the weight I was before Emma by the time I get pregnant with baby #2. And in the spirit of not feeling sorry for myself I won't talk about how looking in the mirror these days makes me want to cry or how I don't want my husband to see me naked or how walking Emma around the block causes me to lose my breath! I want to be in shape and create a healthy, active home for my family. I want Emma to love outside play and vegetables and healthy snacks. I worry that I will continue to stuff my face and not do anything about it and in 10 years not recognize myself in pictures! Third, I want to be a better homemaker. I realize my hubby works very hard outside the home and is so tired at the end of each day. Somehow, now that I am staying at home my house is more dirty and out of sorts than when I was working. I need to find a system that works for me while not obsessing over it. I want to cook more. I love to cook and find a lot of joy in the whole process but with a baby it is a hard thing to do. So, again I need to get organized and plan our weekly meals and just do it already. I think this would really make Charles feel loved and cared for at the end of a long day. Fourth, I want to be a better friend while creating new friendships. I want to write more encouraging notes, be a better listener and be better about telling my friends how special I think they are. I want to develop new friendships with people around me and invite those people to do things instead of always waiting on an invite. I want to open my home up for play dates and dinners and get to know people on a deeper level.
So, I realize this is a big undertaking but I feel ready! I have my goals and my only choice at this point is to push through and be a better me in the end. I am not giving myself a deadline like in the movie because I know I will be a work in progress until the day God calls me home.

Fun day with Emma

Today Emma and I went to Pelican Bay. (public swimming pool here in Edmond) I have taken her before but this time she could sit up in the shallow end by herself and play in the water. We both had a great time! When Charles got home we meet our friend's Tiffany and Justin Gulledge for a baseball game in Bricktown. It was Emma's first game and what a game it was... the pitcher for the Redhawks pitched a no hitter! Apparently, this is a big deal in baseball and it was the first one in Redhawks history. Pretty cool this was Emma's first game to witness! She had a good time on daddy's shoulders and stealing Wylie's pacifier... it was a wonderful day with the family!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Emma's New High Chair

Well, Emma and I went yesterday to purchase her highchair. I have always loved the old wooden antique looking chairs and they have some at Storkland. Emma loves being in the kitchen with mommy while I prepare her food and mommy loves the ease a highchair provides in the feeding process!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

There is something in my attic!!!!

OK, so this morning I am feeding Emma but unlike every other morning I hear a very loud noise coming from the back of the house. Now let me see if I can explain exactly what I heard... It sounded like a baby calf being strangled! I think I jumped three feet in the air and then hid under the table. (Good to know I am concerned about my child's safety.) So, I start to investigate. I grabbed an umbrella out of the closet, grab Emma and start checking out the situation. The noise gets louder near the back of the house and in particular in our bedroom! At this point I can tell it is in the attic but what exactly I am hearing who knows. I am pretty sure it is some kind of animal and it is dying! This is an investigative job for my sweet hubby when he gets home but what am I supposed to do in the meantime!!?? I can't sit around here and listen to an animal die... I think I will go shopping! Oh, and whoever put a baby calf in my attic... you are in big trouble!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time at home in Denison

I went home to Denison last Thursday for a visit. I spent a few days with my family and a few days with the Cassady family. Mom's Birthday was this past Saturday, Dylan was in CTW at church and Amber's baby shower for her sweet baby girl Rachel was Sunday. It is always fun to see Emma interact with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins! These are a few pics from the weekend. She is getting so big!!