Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer Fun!

As the end of August is approaching I have been thinking about this summer... It flew by! I started a new job with TIGI/Bedhead, gained 17 pounds and watched my sister walk down the isle. We didn't go on any big trips to speak of but we tried to have fun when we could... Here are some pics from the past few months. Bring on the Fall!
Me and Amy at her rehearsal dinner.

Me and the Cassady siblings at Amy's (my sister) wedding

Audrianna, Joie, Som, Me, and Anny at the DK Fashion Show!

Charles won a wakeboard at the Dave Matthews concert preparty!

Me, Anny, and Som at the Dave Matthews Concert.

The Red Hawks baseball game!

Not Sure? :)


Tricia said...

Is that really your belly in the yellow shirt? You look so cute pregnant! I want to see you in person. I am going to Tulsa at the end of Sept. Maybe you can make that drive one more time to see me. I want to see more pregnant pictures!

Amy said...

Okay, two things.
First, I love that last picture!! You look adorable.
Second, I'm going to have to insist that you add me to your list of friends.
That's it for now. Miss you girl!

Maddox said...

I just saw that you work for TIGI now. What do you actually do for them? Do you work with Beauty Alliance also or strictly through TIGI? Maybe you can help me out?