Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October Happenings

OK, this is going to be a slightly long post... I am going to squeeze the last few weeks of October in one shot. Starting backwards with Halloween! Our sweet little Emma was an Elephant. (which was appropriate considering she weighs a ton!) Her first Halloween was a success and she was so precious in her costume. It was a hand-me-down from her Aunt Katy but fit perfectly! We went to the Fall Festival at my home church in Denison, TX and then had dinner at home with mom and dad. Mom made her famous Ghost cake with the flaming eyes. This was a fun treat she made us as kids so it was great to bring it back for the new little ones.

The week before Halloween Charles and I had a brief tour of our home state, Texas. I told you I was working backwards) Charles had a series of job interviews so I tagged along to see these potential cities we may one day call home. It went well... we were exhausted by the end of it but hopefully it will pay off and a great job will be offered! The weekend prior to Halloween Charles was sweet and brave enough to take Emma to his parents home all by himself. I had the weekend to shop Affair of the Heart with my mom and two of her best friends! (Marsha and Kathy) We had a wonderful time and got lots of good loot! The morning of our day of shopping I woke up and thought I would make a breakfast casserole for everyone. So, I pulled the Pyrex dish out of the fridge (I had prepared it the night before) and placed it in my oven that was preheated to 325. About 30 minutes into cooking heard a very loud pop! I opened the oven and my Pyrex dish had exploded!! That is right EXPLODED!! It was still popping and shooting glass when I opened the oven! I was shocked!! Pyrex is supposed to be freezer, oven, and microwave safe... what gives? I could have been injured an more importantly.... what were we going to eat for breakfast?! Not to worry, we scrapped off the glass and went ahead with our eating. Over breakfast Kathy said she had received an e-mail about exploding Pyrex... apparently if it is not older than 20 years you should throw it away!! Word is the company has been manufacturing the dishes in China and they are not using the right kind of glass. People have been hurt and Pyrex has done nothing to fix the problem! I am now a believer and I took pictures to make you one as well! There are a million ways this could have been a lot worse, but no one was and I am now throwing out all my Pyrex! (Haven't figured out what I am going to use now in its place quite yet!)


Jennifer said...

Use Pampered Chef stones! I use them ALL the time. Love them. Also I hear Anchor Hocking is much safer than Pyrex and isn't made in China.

JBailey said...

holy cow!!!!! let me know what you end up using. we use ours all of the time! yikes!