Friday, December 4, 2009

30 things!

So, this past Saturday I turned the dreaded 30! As I woke up last Saturday morning I couldn't help but reflect on my 20's... I thought about all the things I was "going" to do and places I was "going" to go. Then I thought how silly that was!! My twenties have been so full of memories. Good, bad, funny, spiritual , and unforgettable! I thought a great way to honor that would be to make a list of thirty things I either learned or experienced in my twenties. Here goes....

1. I made friends that will last me a lifetime!

2. I traveled throughout Southeast Asia on a mission trip with the Aggies for Christ.

3. I fell in love.

4. I had my heart broken.

5. I broke a heart.

6. I had an internship with Scottish Rite Hospital and it changed me forever.

7. I learned how to knit.

8. I learned how to do basic algebra. (don't ask) :)

9. I earned my college degree.

10. I bought my first new car.

11. I climbed a mountain with my sister.

12. I drank alcohol and have decided it is overrated and can deeply hurt people.

13. I watched people I love lose people they love.

14. I got married!

15. I lost three grandparents and wished for more time.

16. I saw the bright lights of Vegas.

17. I took lots of various jobs to put my husband through medical school.

18. I learned forgiveness is a beautiful thing.

19. I did my own taxes.

20. I fixed a broken toilet.

21. I have lived in 4 different cities and two states.

22. I meet Willie Nelson.

23. I gained 35 pounds.

24. I lost 35 pounds.

25. I lost a baby.

26. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

27. I learned being a mom is the hardest and most rewarding thing in the world.

28. I learned poopie diapers DO NOT clean themselves.

29. I learned I cannot do it all so I have to be content with what I can.

30. I have learned prayer is the one thing that gets me through each day.

Thank you God for the first thirty! Good and Bad it has molded me into me and equipped me for what's to come! Bring on the next thirty!


Elizabeth Mullins said...

Katie, I LOVE this post! So perfect! You are precious and I want you to know I am thankful for the few years I have known you and I look forward to many more!

Andrea said...

I love ya girl!!! So glad that God brought you into my life. I am sticking around for awhile.

JBailey said...

i just love you! you're awesome!! hope to see you at Christmas!