Sunday, November 16, 2008

Baby Shower in Lewisville

Last weekend I had a baby shower in Lewisville, Tx. My sister has been in Colorado since August and I have been so sad she won't be around until the baby is born. She will call me and have me hold the phone to my belly so Emma will know who she is when she comes out and we have both been going through withdraws from not being near each other. Knowing this, my parents decided to surprise me and fly Amy in for the weekend!! I was at home Friday night and all of the sudden Amy walks in!! It was awsome! So, we were able to spend the weekend together and she was able to attend the shower. My friends threw it for me and it was so special! They really outdid themselves!!! The food was wonderful, the decor was so sweet and I was surrounded by my friends and family... what could be more perfect? Here are a few pictures of the day!


Lacy said...

Hey, you just posted again! We must be on here at the same time.

Rachael Hamilton said...

Glad to hear you had a good baby shower and that Amy got to be fun!!! And I'm glad to finally see some pregnany pics of you! You look great as always!

Lacy said...

Yea, I'm on your blog list!!
I'm glad you got to see your little sister! I just love her!! Does she have a blog? I'd love to read about how she's doing.