Thursday, January 8, 2009

Crazy 8's

Well, I was tagged by Jessica so here you go!

Eight T.V. Shows I watch:
1. The Office
2. The Hills
3. ER
4. What Not to Wear
5. Life
6. Grey's Anatomy
7. CSI
8. Seinfeld

Eight favorite Restaurants:
1. Cafe Plaid
2. Chic Fil A
3. In the Raw
4. Arby's
5. Teds
6. Ember's (when it was in business)
7. Angela's Cafe
8. Freebirds

Eight things I did this weekend: (including Friday)
1. Left the hospital with Emma Grace in my arms!
2. Spent Friday afternoon with family at our home
3. Feed Emma
4. Slept
5. Feed Emma
6. Ate a delicious meal my dad made
7. Feed Emma again
8. Slept
(I see a pattern...)

Eight things I look forward to:
1. Going to bed and sleeping some more... can't get enough of that lately!
2. Giving Emma a bath (she is just so sweet and squishy)
3. Introducing Emma to her great grandmother
4. Fitting into my old clothes again!
5. Having time to scrapbook again
6. Doing my Beth Moore Bible study
7. Reading my new book
8. Mornings with Emma and Charles when we can just lounge in bed and enjoy each other!

Eight things on my wish list:
1. To be a good mother
2. Taking cooking classes
3. To travel to Europe and Africa
4. To volunteer more at church
5. To be a better Friend
6. To win the lottery so I can stay home with my baby and not go back to work.
7. I wish my husband didn't have to work such crazy long hours so he could spend more time with family and doing things he loves.
8. That my parents could retire and enjoy their grandchildren!

I tag: Lacy, Cindy, Tricia, and Mom


Joni & Beau said...

Your blog is finally letting me comment! Thanks for your address! Emma's gift should be there in a couple weeks:) I love you and can't wait to meet her!

JBailey said...

Do you go to Cafe Plaid and Freebirds in Norman??

Are you going to read this next book with us? Check out the book club blog!

Lacy said...

I'm glad to see you have more time to blog! Babies are great! Now you can hold and feed Emma and have an excuse to be sitting at the computer! Can't wait to see the baby, I'm trying to come in Feb. I hope Jessica can make it too. Heard your sister is in Denison now, that's great!

Mere Ware said...

Katie, your sweet baby girl is precious! I haven't let Blake read your blog yet because I think she would be jealous of Emma's hair! I love it! Congrats!

Tricia said...

I am a little behind on blogging, but I will post mine when I get a chance. Thanks for tagging me!
I miss you and I hope we get to talk soon.
Give Emma kisses from her Aunt Tricia