Friday, July 10, 2009

The past few months...

Ok, so I know it has been like two months since my last blog... you would think now that I am staying at home I would have more time to write but sadly that is not the case. So much has been going on with us. In May, Charles and I took a much needed vaca to Jamaica and then spent some time with family. We had the 4th annual Russell Family Reunion in May out at Camp Creek which was wonderful and I spent time getting use to a new job as a full time stay at home mommy. June was a crazy month for Charles... he went on business trips to Florida and California and then went to Wisconsin to see his favorite band Phish preform. While he was gone I spent some time with family... Mom and I went to my Nana's home to start the process of cleaning it out and from there meet up with Dad, Andy, Bobbie, and Shelby to spend a week at Camp Creek relaxing in the sun. Also, in those two months we celebrated our first Mother's Day, Father's Day and 6 year Anniversary! This past week was Capitol Hill VBS and next week I go to Ft. Worth for a mini reunion with Tricia and Joanna (my old roomies from college). Hopefully after that our lives will slow down a little so we can breath! I thought in this post I would attached a lot of pictures from the past two months... Enjoy!

Sunning on the beach!

Ostrich egg from the plantation.

Horseback riding on a plantation in Jamaica.

Relaxing at the Spa.

Charles doing some water skiing.

Water sailing in Jamaica.
1st Mother's Day.

Shelby fishing at Camp Creek.

The kids at Camp Creek.

Andy and superstar Emma.

A game of Settlers in the afternoon.

Emma poolside. :)

Fish dad caught at Camp Creek.

Emma and her toys.

Being silly with the girls.

Shelby cookin in the kitchen with Gabby.

Hammack time with Emma.


Tricia said...

Great pictures!!! Love the last one!
Can't wait for Emma to take pictures with Aunt Tricia! And for her to meet one of her future boyfriends!

JBailey said...

It's been a looong time since I posted too! Sheesh! Emma has the blue-est eyes!!! I love looking at them with those long eye lashes!

Settlers, really? Where did this game come from? Andrew and all of his little college buddies are obsessed... it's like monopoly but in the stone ages.. wheat, coal, bricks? whatev.

Ashley and Eric Blanchard said...

Hi, Katie & Charles! Thanks for sharing! Looks like you have had some fun in your busy months. Love the pictures of Emma. She is such a cutie pie!

Rachael Hamilton said...

I really enjoyed this blog! Have I mentioned before that you have a BEAUTIFUL daughter?!?!?!?