Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Somehow I came across this site called Yearbook Yourself( ) It is so hilarious... you log on and upload pics of youself or others and put their faces on old yearbook photos from 1950-1998. I of course had way to much fun doing this and thought I would share the results of my time on the site! Try it and I promise you will laugh out loud!

Charles and I in the Homecoming parade. (My brother driving)
Me in the early 60's
The good old band days!
Kickin it with the Fro!
Dad and Mom cheering in the 50's
The 80's were a rough time for me!
Cheering with my sister and sister-in- law
Ready for my debut on "Dallas"
Charles, Greg, Bobbie and Andy... chess team wouldn't be the same without them!


Jerilynn said...

I did this on my blog when I first started. It is hilarious isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Looove the new you! You look great even in these crazy pictures cousin! Seriously, I think I would look better in these pictures then I did in my own yearbook pictures!

Lacy said...

That's funny! You got one cheesy grin, I love it!!